First-Time Homebuyers

Congratulations! If you are thinking of buying your first home, what an exciting time this is for you. Most people in their later years look back and realize that home ownership was one of the greatest investments they ever made. And, aside from the investment aspects, their home provided them with feelings of pride, warmth, security and happiness that normally doesn’t come with renting.

Nationally, home ownership is at an all time high. In Texas, a little over 2/3 (67.3 percent) of the population owns their own home and the number continues to grow. Low interest rates have reduced the income level necessary to buy. Creative financing has lowered the amount needed for down payment. When tax write-offs are factored in, many people are now able to own their own home with less out-of-pocket expense than when they rented. To add to this, impressive equity appreciation rates and the ability to avoid tax on resale profits make it hard to make a case for renting any more.

My Services are Free to You

The seller pays all real estate commissions in Texas, so it costs you nothing to work with me. I am compensated by the seller.

Here’s How I Can Help You

Finding the perfect home for you and making the home buying process as stress-free as possible is my personal goal.

When working together, I will:

  • Begin by giving you an overview of the various steps in the home buying process. In my experience, most people appreciate the big picture first.
  • Help you define a “wish list” of features you want in your home, your neighborhood, and your ideal school district. · Put you in touch with a mortgage lender so you can better understand how much house you can afford, what kind of financing makes the most sense for you and what your monthly payments are likely to be.
  • Develop a search plan and show you properties that meet your search criteria.
  • Monitor new listings daily and alert you to new homes as they hit the market.
  • When we find something we like, together, we will develop an offer price and negotiating plan. I will analyze the market and recommend an offering price to you. If you agree, I will present this offer to the seller, and negotiate on your behalf to buy the house at the lowest possible price.
  • IMPORTANT TIP: In Texas, for a modest, non-refundable fee, you can option a period of time (often 7-10 days) after a contract is signed when you can get out of your deal for any reason.
  • Once our offer has been accepted, I will help you with home inspections, surveys, appraisals, the title search, the closing and other important steps along the way. In short, I will be with you the entire way offering guidance and counsel.
  • There is considerable paper work necessary in this process and I will be there to help you with this also.

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