10 Reasons to Choose Steve as your Austin Real Estate Agent!

  1. I know Austin’s culture having lived here over 20 years.  I know the neighborhoods, schools, zoning regulations, and the local economy. 

  2. Steve Dalbey
    Can we meet and discuss how I can help you? –Steve

    I continuously study Austin’s real estate market. Austin recently surpassed San Francisco to become our nation’s 11th largest city.  Our demand for homes is exceeding supply and this is driving prices higher.  In 2016, the greater Austin MSA, set an all time record in single family home sales and median prices.  Sales of 29,569 homes reflected a 3.9 percent sales increase. Median price was up 7.2 percent from 2015 to $284,000.  In the City of Austin, our median price increased 5.8 percent to $340,000.  Austin is a job making machine.  On average, a net of 115 new people move to Austin each DAY. Unemployment remains low.  Demand should continue strong with many new companies planning relocation here. 

  3. I’m a good listener.  You are unique and I need to know what makes you unique.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our conversation will help me understand your needs and preferences.  With this information, I can develop an individualized plan for you. 

  4. I’m passionate about what I do.  To stay on top of the market, I visit 50-60 new listings each week.  I don’t just read about these homes, I go inside and see them firsthand. I can frequently take you directly to that special waterfront cove, city view lot, quiet cul-de-sac, hillside compound, or private retreat you’ve been looking for.

  5. Unlike many other agents in real estate, I am a full time realtor.  I take what I do very seriously.

  6. While I take what I do very seriously, I try not to take myself so seriously.  I believe your search for a new home of sale of an existing one, should be an exciting, enjoyable adventure. 

  7. I’m a darn good negotiator (if I do say so myself).  If you are a buyer, I can help you get the most “bang for your buck.”  Last year I helped one client buy a $1.6 million home for $925,000.  For another, we bought a $1.1 million home for $905,000.  If you are a seller, I fight to get you the highest price possible for your home.  I always think of your money as if it were my own. 

  8. I can help you with your home financing needs.  Unless you are paying cash, affordable financing is a big deal. Each 1% increase in interest rates translates to a 9% drop in the price of a house you can afford. It saves you money to get the best rates possible and, I often use my connections in the mortgage industry to help ensure that happens. 

  9. I’m on top of every aspect of your real estate transaction.  Once we have found the home for you, my work really begins.  I counsel you on offering price and handle all negotiations for you.  I’m responsible for the many timelines and due dates that are part of each contract. I can help arrange your home inspection, obtain financing, obtain a survey, complete home repairs etc. 

  10. I love what I do and it will show in the quality of my service to you.  Quite honestly, it’s great fun for me to develop and implement a marketing plan that sells a home in record time for record price.  To do so over and over again for my clients is even more fun.  It’s a genuine pleasure for me to take a buyer client directly to a property they have only dreamed of owning—and have them say, “This is exactly what we wanted!” The reward from this is immeasurable to me and is why I do what I do.