Welcome! Come on in.

Welcome to my website.  I am honored to have you visit.

You are most likely here because you are interested in real estate, specifically, real estate in Austin, Texas.  I'm Steve Dalbey and, as a real estate broker in Austin, I know a bit about that and would be delighted to help.
It didn’t take me long to learn a simple truth.  All real estate agents are not alike.  In fact, as an industry group, we don’t have a very good reputation.  Many people feel we are not particularly skilled, don’t work very hard, and we make way too much money.

Why I Am Different

When I went into this business, I set out to establish a whole other standard for real estate agents. I believe a highly skilled, knowledgeable real estate agent should be able to effectively market a house at a premium price, producing a greater profit to the seller.  For a buyer, a good agent should have the market knowledge and negotiating skills to save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase.  A skilled agent who is good at marketing should be able to sell a house faster.  If he is representing a buyer, he should thoroughly know the inventory of homes and be able to help you find your ideal home faster.  And finally, a good agent should understand contracts and the selling and buying process so well that he can ensure a problem free, stress free buying or selling experience. 

I do all these things routinely.

I am a different kind of agent.  I spent my life in marketing.  I know marketing.  I know the importance of client service.  Nothing is more important to me than providing legendary service to my clients.  I know my work with you will involve a lot of your money.  I respect your money and treat it as if it were my own.  I urge you to check out the “Why Choose Steve” and the “My Biography” sections of this website.  Once there, I think you will see what sets me apart from others and why we should work together (or at least why we should meet and see if we like each).

Enjoy the site.  I hope it gives you some valuable information as you begin the adventure of buying or selling your home. 

And remember, it doesn’t cost you any more to work with one of the best.